Intuitive Web Portal Design

Proceduresync Web Portal Dashboard

With appealing aesthetics that focus on user experience, our web portal is designed for fast uptake by users with all levels of computer experience. 

An emphasis on visual communication and quick navigation using dashboard widgets and purposeful navigation menus make using the web portal a simple task – perfect for efficiency when on the job.

Mobile Apps Built For Quick User Uptake

Proceduresync Hand Holding iPhone

We’ve built specialised easy-to-use mobile apps to encourage faster uptake among employees. Compatible with both Android®, Apple® and Kindle®, you can bring your own device wherever you go and access the system at any time.   

Like our web portal, our mobile apps carry Proceduresync’s familiar intuitive design for a seamless transition between desktop and phone, and the same user-friendly experience.

Administrative Control

Administrative Control

With targeted document distribution, read-receipt tracking and visible user history, managers and document controllers can have full administrative control. 

No limits have been placed on versions or storage, so your system can grow with the company. All expired and superseded documents will remain archived indefinitely, allowing for comprehensive auditing, if required.

Proceduresync Assign Document

Automatic Reporting


Due to complete data retention, a full picture of your business activities and processes can be obtained quickly and easily for accurate reporting. 

Automatic email reporting makes it easy to keep informed on activity happening across the business, and for supervisors that are frequently out of the office, mobile reporting is available through our ‘Bring your own device’ functionality.

Proceduresync Mobile Reporting



Compliance is vital to all organisations.  The Proceduresync® system ensures employees stay compliant by using some great tools.

unread document percentage
Proceduresync unread document compliance

All users have a LIVE unread document percentage widget that displays their current unread document compliance.

Team unread document percentage
Proceduresync team unread compliance

This colour coded widget allows Supervisors to see LIVE how their team is tracking for unread document compliance.

organisational compliance chart
Proceduresync organisational compliance

Supervisor level users and above can access a live compliance chart of the entire organisation.  This is a great tool that allows users to track the organisation's compliance.

Automatic Version Control & Document Expiration

Version Control

Proceduresync® ensures that all employees are all working from the same version document.  When a new version is released it is automatically replaced on BOYD mobile devices.  Furthermore, document expiration is automatically tracked and once reached, expired documents are made inactive on the system.

Document Security


Online security is assured with 256bit AES encrypted connections used to secure all data transfers.  Encryption will remain on all documents stored on mobile devices, with access only possible through the Proceduresync® app. 

Managers and supervisors will be able to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data by restricting access to certain documents as required, and our automatic remote wipe feature ensures that all data will be erased from a user’s device when they leave the company.

System Flexibility


With so many customisable options, Proceduresync® is designed to grow with your company’s changing requirements. With unlimited document storage, complete data retention, and system access via computers and compatible Android® and Apple® devices, our system is one of the most flexible of its kind. 

It also has broad compatibility with existing document types, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents, making integration hassle-free.

Proceduresync Multiple Access

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Proceduresync BYOD

Allow your employees to use mobile devices that are already familiar to them, with our ‘bring your own device’ feature. Our app is available for Android®, Apple® and Kindle® devices making user uptake quick, easy, and low-cost.  

Users can access all documents and features that they would expect to access from the desktop, allowing for efficient flow of communication even when out on remote worksites. Documents that each user is accountable for will be stored on their device automatically for secure offline access.

Intelligent Search Functionality

Intelligent Search

Our custom built intelligent search functionality turns your Bring You Own Device (BYOD) into a powerful work tool.  By simply inputting keywords, the Proceduresync ® mobile apps and web portal will search masses of documents in lightning speed and return document suggestions that are ranked accordingly. 

Helping you find exactly the right document for the job when you need it!

Available Support

Extensive customer support is available if any issues arise.  Trained experts will be available via telephone or email support throughout the day. 

To help with troubleshooting or understanding system features, our team has also created ‘help’ articles and training documents that answer the most common user questions.

Proceduresync Support