How you connect with your employees

Get the documents your employees need into the devices they use everyday.

Unlike file sharing systems, our Enterprise File Distribution system uses strict rulings that allow for fast, secure distribution of documents to employees while tracking and accounting for acceptance once they are read.



  • Complete Administrative Control:

    The intuitive web dashboard gives Administrators full control over user groups and system authorisations/access.

    Scalable System Design:

    With three customizable system models, Proceduresync can be adapted to satisfy the unique requirements of any organisation.

    Unlimited Version Control:

    No documents are ever deleted - even expired and superseded versions are archived indefinitely to assist with record keeping.

    Automatic Offline:

    All accountable documents are automatically saved on mobile devices for offline use without any user interaction.



  • Automatic Reporting:

    Read and Understood reports are automatically emailed to supervisors to facilitate efficient team management.

    Mobile Reporting:

    Supervisors can access employees' unread document reports from mobile devices enabling monitoring of employees in "real time".

    Employee Accountability:

    Our Technology allows you to dispose of paper based records pertaining to employees' acceptance of documents.  The system retains full audit logs that are never deleted.

    Full Audit Logs:

    All user actions are logged and stored indefinitely for auditing purposes.



  • Safe:

    Secure transmission practices utilising AES encryption for all connections and data transmission ensure your data is kept secure.

    Restricted Access:

    Restrict access for specific users / groups to particular documents as required.

    Automatic Remote Wipe:

    When an employee exits your company, the system automatically erases all company data from the user's device.

    Private Folders:

    Allow your employees to keep their own private work related documents on the system.



  • Unlimited Document Storage:

    Unlimited document storage is included with the Proceduresync™ system.

    Multiple Document Support:

    Supports uploading of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents.

    Green Power:

    Eliminating paper based document distribution systems is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

    Multiple Access Points:

    Employees can securely access documents from Android® and Apple® devices as well as any internet connected computer.


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